Your Gay Future…Kind Of

This is just so great. Apparently The Advocate took to Facebook to ask readers what they think queer life will be like in a few decades. The responses are cute, fun, interesting–and somber. (Yes, all those things can happen at once.) We’re sharing a few of our favorites below–and you can read the rest of them here.

“We’ll be telling our grandchildren the story of the fight for our rights and watching their faces light up with disbelief since they live in a world of total equality. The History Channel will be airing documentaries educating the masses on the discrimination we faced and the history of it all.”

“By then we hope we’ll have had an openly gay president. Many think it will be a lesbian who will finally put our economy in order, stop the wars, and fight for equal pay and health insurance for all, regardless of gender or color or shape. Someone hoped for comedian Kate Clinton to be in the Oval Office taking life by the balls (figuratively speaking), but that might take another miracle—the old girl will be 110 that year.”

“It may take a lesbian in the White House, but finally bisexuality will be embraced by the masses. No more ‘you’re either gay or you’re straight,’ and even some different family structures (threesomes, anyone?) will become normal for many Americans.”

Uh oh, that last one sounds like a threat to the sanctity of marriage!

In our last issue, we outlined the current state of queer rights. So let’s play like The Advocate did, hunties. Where do you think we’ll be in fifty years? What will our new reality look like? Silly or serious, we want to know what you think.