Win Tickets to PGMC’s Summer of Love

Tomorrow night, check out the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus in Summer of Love — and win tickets courtesy of PQ Monthly!

Summer of Love provides audiences with a fun trip down memory lane back to 1967, when the Beatles convinced everyone that all they needed was love. “In the 1960s, music played an integral part in challenging the status quo,” notes PGMC artistic director Bob Mensel. “Just as the music of Motown (featured last season by PGMC) provided the soundtrack to the Civil Rights Movement, the music of the Beatles (and others) challenged society’s views on drugs, sex, class, and war. (And the hair! Don’t forget the influence they had on hair!) But the Fab Four were so much more than inspiration for a ‘Revolution.’ Their inventive music and insightful poetry demands thoughtful listening from its audience.” Under the guidance of guest conductor Ray Elliott, the core members of the Chorus will be joined by several other music and performance groups including Cascade, the Soviet Supermodels, the Locomotions, and the Gayzers to craft a retrospective of the Fab Four’s oevure that will electrify audiences. PGMC members are already quite jazzed: “I love the music of the Beatles, and it’s quite thrilling to get to sing those songs with their own gay flair,” explains PGMC member Dennis Dentoni. “I’m excited to experience the different dance and vocal groups that are coming together to make an amazing show — and to have my brief moment in Sixties-style drag onstage!”

While tickets are still available for tomorrow’s one-night-only 7:30 PM show at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, in the everything-is-free hippie spirit of giving PQ is giving away two tickets to Summer of Love! To win, snap a photo of yourself with a current or past copy of PQ, then head over to the PQ Monthly Facebook Page, “like” us, and post your photo. The PQ Monthly team will decide later tonight which photo best captures the fun, revolutionary flair of the PGMC and their tribute to the Beatles, and pass along your tickets for tomorrow — so, time is of the essence!

To inspire you to get snappin’ with your photos, here are two clips from Oregon Public Broadcasting’s recent feature on the PGMC’s performances in Pendleton, including a performance of “Johnny Schmoeker” — and, as a groovy bonus, a vintage video compilation of the Beatles themselves performing the PQ favorite “Across the Universe.” What Beatles classics are you excited to hear the Chorus perform tomorrow night?