Willam Belli: “I’m Done Talking About Game Shows, Thank You”

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

We had the chance to chat with Willam Belli and Vicky Vox (you can read her Q&A here) ahead of their inaugural (group) appearance in the Rose City. Willam dishes about “Drag Race” (over it), Portland (blunts), and craftiness (her “Drag Race” exit).

PQ Monthly: Where does your drag inspiration come from? Like Willam, the persona, but also your day-to-day looks. And how long does it take you to beat your face?

Willam Belli: My drag inspiration is just very much the woman in the upscale bar that you know will fuck you. My day-to-day is very sloppy vintage—mow the lawn and hang on the stoop with some Gucci. My face takes anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the gig—and if it’s in HD.

PQ: It seems like a lot of “Drag Race” queens are more famous not winning. Like you and Latrice and Manila didn’t take home crowns, but you have big cult followings. Are you ever glad you didn’t win?

Willam: I’m not famous. I’m a novelty.

PQ: Do you think a big girl will ever win the competition?

Willam: I’m done talking about game shows, thank you.

PQ: There are some aspiring queens in our city who are dying to know what product you swear by.

Willam: OCC Makeup is an amazing vegan and cruelty-free brand that makes colors that pop—with staying power.

PQ: What’d you think of your last stint in Portland? Did all of your Portlandia dreams come true?

Willam: I love Portland—and it hosted a great LGBT basketball competition my dude came out for last month.

PQ: You’re clearly one of the smartest, most clever queens out there. What’s the most conniving and calculating thing you’ve done?

Willam: I executed my “RuPaul’s Drag Race” exit and it couldn’t have gone better if I had been sitting at the right hand of the Lord.

PQ: Your videos with Detox and Vicky are undeniable sensations. Is each one a collaboration? Do you sit together as a group and hammer out lyrics and music or does it happen separately?

Willam: Each one is different. I’m usually the driving force behind getting the shit done scheduling-wise, but the creative content is all a group effort. “Boy is a Bottom” was written by me after a bad three-way and then I brought them in on it. Our most recent stuff—to be released—is a lot more collaborative and is all the more hilarious because of it.

PQ: I heard this rumor from some boys in LA that the three of you agreed not to try out for the same seasons of Drag Race because you didn’t want to compete against each other—any truth to that?

Willam: That rumor is untrue. First of all, I was asked to try out. Detox tried out three times. Vox can answer for herself.

PQ: Do you think Detox got robbed during her last lip sync for her life?

Willam: I haven’t seen it—was there larceny of some sort?

PQ: You’ve been everywhere, basically, at this point—which cities have been standouts?

Willam: I love Sydney, Dallas, SF, Portland, DC, Philly, and Chicago—places with blunts and nice places to work out.

Catch Willam, Detox, and Vicky at Dickslap this Sunday at Branx.