Welcome to the Brilliant List!

Robin Castro and John Halseth – The Brilliant List Selection Committee Co-Chairs,
Special to PQ Monthly & El Hispanic News

Welcome to the Brilliant List! PQ Monthly and El Hispanic News invited the community to acknowledge ten local individuals, groups and organizations for the positive impact they have each made upon the LGBTQ community. Nominees were judged on their promotion of diversity and social justice, the skills they have demonstrated in community engagement and inspiration, their dedication to mentoring the next generation of leaders, and their lasting impact upon the community at large.  As you may guess, the selection committee had their work cut out for them! We’d like to thank everyone for their nominations — there were many to choose from, and it was truly inspiring to see the incredible diversity of nominations we received.

The categories are: Corporation, Non-profit, Rising Star, Individuals and Legacy Award. So, with no further ado — let’s meet the 2014 Brilliant List!

Pam CamposCorporation: Nike – Without a doubt, Nike has been a leader among corporations supporting, encouraging and including the LGBTQ community.

Non-Profit: Equity Foundation – They have helped so many folks for over 25 years, and are spot-on when they say “we fund equality!” In the past year, the Equity Foundation has flourished and continues to be a force of good our communities.

Rising Star: Pam Campos-Palma – As director of Las Mujeres de la Raza, a communal and PSU organization, Pam strives to promote strength, empowerment and unity for all women.

Legacy Award: Renee LaChance – Co-founder of Just Out in 1983, Renee has been Reneea champion, a leader, an activist forming many partnerships in the LGBTQ community. Renee has been one of the go-to people for guidance and support for all when ever called upon.

Kendall Clawson – As former Executive Director of Q Center, Kendall led the effort to move Q Center from it’s former location to it’s new and larger site. After leaving Q Center, Kendall is now on Governor Kitzhaber’s senior management team as Director of Executive Appointments, bringing her vast experience to a statewide level.

Shaley Howard – Whether fighting for LGBTQ equality, fund raising for HRC or advocating for women’s rights, Shaley walks the walk and talks the talk everyday by being an example for all and strives to get others in our community involved in the issues that matter to us all.

Amanda Wright – As a member of the Klamath Tribe, Amanda has brought awareness of LGBTQ issues to a community often overlooked. Amanda has worked in the Native community bringing awareness to suicide prevention, tobacco prevention and HIV/AIDS prevention and education. She founded the Portland Two Spirit Society, an organization dedicated to bring the LGBTQI community together with their families and allies.

Alissa Keny-Geyer – A member of the Oregon House Of Representatives, Alissa is a champion for all issues in her district and has been a great ally in the Marriage Equality campaign, worked to pass the Natural Hair Care Act, and is another great voice for the LGBTQ community.

George T. Nicola – Thanks to the Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN), the LGBTQ history is documented and used as points of references in our fight for equality. This is just one of the efforts George is engaged with; his activism has spanned four decades and shows no sign of stopping.

Everett Maroon – As Executive Director of Bluer Mountain Heart To Heart, a HIV/AIDS support services organization in Walla Walla, WA, Everett is a voice for the LGBTQ community in a very conservative part of the state. An activist and author, he has published two books and served as a mentor bringing up new leaders in his community.

This is just a snapshot of the many accomplishments of the 2014 Brilliant List winners. We are proud to have so many great folks in our community, and are grateful for all they have done for all of us and will be sharing their story in a glossy magazine. The Brilliant List 2014 Save the date: September 28, 2014 4pm to 7pm at the Gerding Theater Armory (tickets will be on sale soon). For sponsorship or advertising opportunities please call Lynda Wilkinson or Larry Lewis 503-228-3139 www.brilliantmedia.us