By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

It’s no secret that we here at PQ love dancin’ queen Ellen Degeneres, and that we have a collective crush on the ever-sharp and insightful Rachel Maddow. Unsurprising, then, that our hearts went aflutter yesterday when Maddow stopped by Ellen’s show for a power lesbian coffee klatch and political chat. “Imagine that Christmas only happened once every four years in your life,” Maddow explained of her excitement during election season — “then you would be a pundit.”

Check out Maddow dissecting the presidential debates, the popular opinion shift on gay marriage in the Republican Party and the larger society, and (on a much lighter note) Jersey Shore and Gangnam Style dancing:

All in all, this brief clip makes us want to get a Trapper-Keeper, just so we can write Maddow’s name all over it with hearts. What’s your favorite Maddow moment, readers? Post it in the comments!



Post Author: Nick Mattos

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