Watch: Ellen Degeneres and Rachel Maddow’s Power Lesbian Coffee Klatch

By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

It’s no secret that we here at PQ love dancin’ queen Ellen Degeneres, and that we have a collective crush on the ever-sharp and insightful Rachel Maddow. Unsurprising, then, that our hearts went aflutter yesterday when Maddow stopped by Ellen’s show for a power lesbian coffee klatch and political chat. “Imagine that Christmas only happened once every four years in your life,” Maddow explained of her excitement during election season — “then you would be a pundit.”

Check out Maddow dissecting the presidential debates, the popular opinion shift on gay marriage in the Republican Party and the larger society, and (on a much lighter note) Jersey Shore and Gangnam Style dancing:

All in all, this brief clip makes us want to get a Trapper-Keeper, just so we can write Maddow’s name all over it with hearts. What’s your favorite Maddow moment, readers? Post it in the comments!