Wanda Sykes on Mandatory Same-Sex Weddings; Ben Affleck on Kissing Men

While not quite as, ahem, news-worthy as our last recap, there are a couple of tidbits out today that are sure to make you chuckle. (Although decidedly more lowbrow that important scientific breakthroughs.)

Wanda Sykes, on gay weddings, during an interview with MSNBC: “It’s not going to be mandatory,” she mocked. “It seems like gay people are crazy and we go around and canvas the whole neighborhood: ‘come to my big gay wedding, come on, it’s mandatory.'”

She continued, making this very good point about attendees: “If you don’t agree with it, then chances are you don’t know anyone who is gay or are close to someone who is gay,” she said, “so that even increases your chances of never being invited to a same-sex wedding.” Basically, your bigot cousin shouldn’t worry about making the list. Or should he?

(We sort of like the idea of mandatory weddings. You. Will. Assimilate. In related must-do news, one of us talked about another type of mandatory session in this interview with author Zoe Trope. Can you find it?)

And, in other titillating tales, Ben Affleck still talks to Matt Damon about the joy of man-on-man make out sessions. Specifically: “Matt’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make out with Michael Douglas tomorrow,’ and it triggered that memory,” Mr. Affleck said, adding that he later watched the moment of Mr. Damon’s big lip lock. “Not that it would be hard to be better than my kiss, but it was much better than my kiss. Maybe Michael Douglas is sexier than Jason Lee.”

The passage was in a New York Times piece about Affleck’s career thus far, but we think that bit represents the most important part of the interview. And you thought Jennifer Garner was lucky.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you’re still wondering what the hell to do, don’t forget to peruse our weekly weekend forecast–which comes out each Wednesday. We promise you’ll find something.