Uranus in Aries

By Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

This is a planetary transit that changes how one leads. Whatever you are a leader in, be it your personal life, a family, a business, or a country, do it like you would fry a small fish — carefully attend to the heat, the spices, the time you cook it — same with leadership! Pay attention to the details and needs of the people. What is needed, and also what do they really want. Uranus brings a collective vision of what is truly helpful. That is needed to lead. Ask this question and you will do a good job.

Aries does not like the details but will need to learn the needs in detail. Uranus knows by seeing the ideal principles under and behind social change. This is a unique quality. Take time to meditate on this very fact. It will help you, for the next year TRULY LEAD whatever it is you’re in charge of. This breaks up old patterns from the past. See into the future and what will guide the social order to some Spiritual Values! See the integrity and authentic needs of where we are lacking compassion.

This is more important than ever. Have compassion for yourself as well in this process. One must accept what one is professing others need. This is the honest way. Honesty is what resonates with people. They are used to being lied to by politicians, preachers, and bosses. It will be a breath of fresh air to do this, and you will gain your own trust as well as that of others.

All of 2017 this transit is operative. Follow these simple principles and you will bless all concerned. This is the simple and honest truth.

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