Unsung Women Heroes and the Butterfly Effect

Suzanne Deakins, GLAPN


This is a story about women. Women we don’t know, whose names never appears in headlines of the newspaper, nor are they considered hero activists. Women no matter what their gender identity, sexual preferences, or station in life, have accomplished much setting us free from the binding tapes of our past.

Celebrating Women’s History month, I find myself flooded with words that DON’T convey the true feelings I have about women who have passed through my life. The paternal grandmother of my children who without a degree was the first women to serve as an assistant auditor at the FED in NYC, (actually the first women ever).

goddess-Millenial-Gaia-Front-TG-MGSThe friend that taught me I could speak in front of others with confidence. She gave me voice. I am not talking about voice to speak of freedom, but rather a voice to say I love you, and I care for you. She probably will never know how she changed my life and many of the women I know.

And there is the transgender woman who everyday rode the bus with me down Fifth Avenue in NYC. Elegant and proud, she showed everyone the beauty of being herself. A true hero to every life she touched.

The Mormon wives’ who found themselves in love with one-another. They left their husbands and children, came to Denver to take seminars in freeing themselves from their past beliefs. Returning to Utah, they became the unnamed beacons of light for others seeking freedom.

Women’s history is not just about changing laws and rules, but rather how women have changed the consciousness of us all. Before a law can be changed, the consciousness must change surrounding the law. Quantum physics tells us that there is a connection between us all and that we are intrinsically linked. We can be a million miles apart and we will either mirror or reject (depending upon the action of those we know) the movement and thoughts of others. Physicists tell us that the electrons in the cells of our molecular structure can be a million years old or a million from the future.

Every consciousness action unfolds to a greater and more humane future affects us all.

Those electrons in China may well be residing in our molecules this very moment. We know the molecular structure is renewed every seven days. Why is this important? Because it tells us our actions and thinking today are transmitted at a very core level to those we have never met. It tells us that our deeds, actions, and love must be for those who are not yet born.

Through freedom of thought, expression, and life we are bound to one another. As we drop a pebble into the great lake of life, it sends waves through the whole lake, announcing the presence of life. Women’s History is about life. It is the mothers, daughters, heroes, and the silent majority that strives to make sure all life is looked at as sacred.

Women have built the altar of tomorrow of love, strength, caring, and embracing ourselves as beautiful expressions of all life. We are the Goddesses of life. Who-so-ever (no matter the gender identification) embraces the feminine energy is a Goddess and a creator of our universe.