Turn a Look: Pisces

By Sally Mulligan, PQ Monthly

Turn A Look: PISCES

Welcome to the second installment of Turn a Look: Horoscopes! Every month I will be forecasting fashions for the sign that month falls on. Spring feels imminent and that means it’s time for PISCES to ready themselves for a stylish year ahead! What are you water babies looking to accept about your fishy nature and what are you looking shirk? Here are my fashion predictions for your year.

CALLING IN: Daydreaming dreamboat

February is all about you, sweet and sensitive Pisces. Indeed, this turn towards spring feels like it was created just for you, and since we know we can often find Pisces with their heads among the clouds, there’s no need to feel the call back to Earth this month! How does this translate to your wardrobe? It’s best to remain unencumbered this year since you don’t know where you’ll end up. Lots of light and floaty fabrics and comfortable shapes. Clean and simple will get you far, and with only a few well-chosen accessories like a trademark necklace and some comfy shoes for your adventures ahead.

Turn A Look: Pisces. What are you calling in and casting out this year?
Turn A Look: Pisces. What are you calling in and casting out this year?


With all the excitement ahead, it’s time to toughen up, dear Pisces. Now, I don’t mean you need to shake your tender side. Rather, this year you embrace the duality of deriving your strength from your more sensitive self. So how do you strike a balance? Leather and lace, love. Nothing says “Don’t try me” like some biker style leather, and nothing quite holds the longing of “Wait, don’t go!” like lace. So go on, mix and match a ruffled lace top with some leather leggings, or some bitchin biker boots with a sheer granny caftan. Too scared to jump in the deep end? Grab a leather jacket or backpack and you’re right on trend without the emotional fallout. Hey, this is probably why we tender queers started flagging in the first place; You have to have a hanky handy.

CALLING IN: Love of luxury

As an emotional creature, it’s entirely understandable that you would want to indulge a little for comfort. Pisces are notorious for their love of nature, luxury, travel, and pleasure. And as for the clothes? Duh! Bathe in softness, merqueer! Silk, cashmere, suede, jersey. Anything that feels right in your heart and on your skin, go for it. Temper your sensitive, easily overstimulated nature with a bit of ease. Simple shapes and soft fabrics put together in surprising ways. You’ve got enough on your mind without overthinking your outfit. Embrace simplicity on the outside and you will manifest the clarity you seek on the inside.

CASTING OUT: So secretive

It’s no secret that Pisces are among some of the most secretive in the zodiac. For a malleable water sign, you are often shrouded in mystery. This month’s full moon (2/22) is in Virgo and is bound to shed some light on aspects of your life that you aren’t prepared for, but fear not, you really have nothing to hide. This is a dream month for you and it is best not to challenge this big reveal. Cover up if you must, but at least, do me a favor and wear some sexy undies? If you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, you deserve to do it on your own sexy terms. It’s time to determine what you will show and what you will shield.

PISCES PLAYLIST: “We’re Never Coming Home,” Molly Nilsson; “It’s All in Your Mind,” Beck; “And That’s Saying A Lot,” Christine McVie; “Sea, Swallow Me,” Cocteau Twins. **You probably already know this but just in case: I am not a professional astrologer and these are just my fun suggestions. Do what you want and let me know how it goes! **