Should they all be dykes on those bikes?

Community members debate the future of the Portland Pride Parade’s biker contingent
How the head of Portland’s Pride parade is going to look in the years ahead is far from settled. Photo by Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly
By Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly

For …

Laverne Cox is the new everything

“These stories are told with such humanity and multi-dimensionality,” Laverne Cox says of “Orange is the New Black.” “The conventional wisdom in the business is that you have to be or look a certain way, and our show is challenging …

Ok, Here’s the Deal … We are not whole

By Monika MHz, PQ Monthly

A few weeks ago my editor asked me to write something for this month’s “Coming Out” issue. I was still reeling from what had been a week of media-induced trauma coupled by the pain caused by …