Title: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Call Out: Without these heroes, we all live in an unrealized reality.

By Suzanne Deakins

There have been several events in my life that left me feeling devastated. Hurtful events, prejudice, lost lovers, and unemployment, you name it we all have suffered in some manner. We can’t judge another’s suffering based on our own. Each of us faces our demons and pains according to our experience.

Victor Frankl talked about the need for passionate love and a purpose beyond our self that creates meaning and purpose in our life. Out of each experience, we can glean the wheat or we allow the shaft of the wheat to spoil our life. We alone give meaning to our world. No matter what has happened to us, it is you, me, and us that create our world. We don’t cause the happening, but it is our attitude, our willingness to learn that shapes all life. Frankl said that these two ideas love and purpose beyond self, is what kept him sane and many others during the Holocaust.

I write this because it is the clue to the women who have strived to make our community a safer and better place for us all. I asked what makes a woman put herself on the line and risk pain and suffering for others? What causes her to be a hero and then fade into the shadows? In the time of war and strife we know the women’s names that have changed and created a better world. Once the contention is over, we often forget these women. We ignore them because we don’t understand the feminine strength and resolve it plays in history. History, for the most part, has become HIS Story rather than their story.

Most of us are heroes and leaders be it for one person or a country. It is only when we recognize this strength, this innate leadership in us all that we are free to be, to exist. Women are not heroes because they are stupid or unaware of the issues. They become heroes because the desire to see love, justice, and purpose is overwhelming. They find no use is sitting idly by while others take up the cause.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone IMGWhen we look at our life and realize that until we are all free, all of us remain in a jail a prison of gender and prejudice a great cry rises in the breast of all women. A woman is not a woman because of her gender, it is her actions, her ability to love unconditionally, crave justice and equality for all that is feminine energy.

Electing women to a leadership position is not about their gender; it is about their energy and their ability to be heroes, their ability to bring this energy to the core of our community. Anytime we deny freedom on any grounds to another we deny it to us all. It is important to our community that we recognize heroes no matter what their gender. It is important that all of us have the freedom to express our soul.

Without these heroes, we all live in an unrealized reality. Never reaching an extraordinary moment of love and meaning in our life.


The women heroes of our community are too many to list here, but many can be found among GLAPN’s Queer Heroes NW at http://glapn.org/9060QueerHeroesMain.html.