This Weekend’s Forecast: You Really Can Have It All


By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

This week, a friendly reminder about how our weekend forecast works. We offer you an incredibly biased rundown of what’s happening week by week, you click on the gorgeous hyperlinks below (which often take you to the Facebook event page), you read more, you RSVP, then you head out and be good time Sally. See? It’s very easy. Let’s get started. (And don’t forget to review our most recent print calendar–it’s a little more exhaustive. Maybe exhausting? You can find that right here–it tells you about events like Bat N’ Rouge and the Portland Queer Music Festival ahead of time so you can’t use “I didn’t know!” as some sort of silly excuse.) (Also, Queering Portlandia is still a thing that’s happening.)


Celebrate Our House’s 25th Anniversary: Our House invites you to a special evening celebrating all the great people that make it work. There’ll be remembrance of former residents and Heartfelt Awards at 5:30pm, along with a very special musical guest: Stephanie Schneiderman. The Heartfelt Awards are given to board members, staff, volunteers, businesses, and community members who deserve recognition and exemplify the true meaning of giving. (There are over 10 this year.) Food, beverages, cupcakes–it’s all here, folks. 5pm, Our House, 2727 SE Alder. 

It’s Last Thursday, so you know what that means. Booze and artsy walks. Be sure you add MCC Gallery’s grand opening to your agenda. Food, drink, wine, beer, and a showcase of the artists’ current work. 4pm, MCC, 1627 NE Alberta. 

And, consider ending your evening with Monsteroki. (I had to check the spelling on that like three times.) This isn’t your typical night of karaoke dreams–in addition to belting out all the hottest hits, there’ll be lots of “suicide” numbers, where you get on stage, hostess Gula Delgatto picks your number, and you pray to the baby Jesus you know enough of the song to get by. Additionally, nourish yourself with Gularitas and Nachodelgattos. Basically, Gula’s taking over Crush. And that’s good enough for me. (They’re too hip for a Facebook invite, so jot this one down. Gula’s post-Facebook.) (Sidebar: Don’t make this conflict with Laid Out next month, lovelies!) 9pm, Crush, 1400 SE Morrison. $3. 


We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this image:


It belongs to Temple, the last of the great West Side socials. In addition to stellar music–resident Kasio Smashio and guest Fingerbang will spin–a portion of this month’s bar sales go to AIDS Walk 2013. Look at you, doing good just by drinking and mingling. The Matador is one of the most comfortable dive bars in the city and it regularly boasts one of the most eclectic crowds. Come make it more so. (Bonus: killer bar food if you’re dying for a snack. And you can eat here, no one judges.) Temple happens every last Friday of the month. 10pm, Matador, 1967 W. Burnside. Free! 

Also, Twerk: DJs II Trill, Ill Camino, and special guest Gossip Cat (Bridge Club, Laid Out). Keywords: old school. The queer hip hop dance party. So much dancing. 10pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. Free. 


Perhaps you’ve heard Dustin Lance Black is coming to town for the HRC Gala Dinner. He’s being joined by Dana Goldberg and a slew of important guests–like Senator Jeff Merkley. It’s pricey, but you get to rub elbows with important people–and maybe Dustin will save a dance for you. Read more/buy tickets here. 5pm, Lewis & Clark College, 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road.  

It’s also the AIDS Walk Bar Crawl–uniform style. We covered this pretty extensively in our last calendar, but here’s all the information again.

This. This is what I’ve been waiting my whole life for. (Or at least like a month, since I heard she’s coming to town.) Blow Pony is playing host to the most legendary legend of them all, Lady Bunny. If you’ve never heard of her, educate yourself immediately. (Use the Google machine.) If you know, then you know you need to be here. (Purple Crush from LA joins in the fun, too.) The Bunny’s showcase is sure to make this already-packed, multi-floor queer-fest even queerer and sweatier. It’s OK, we welcome it. The usual deejays, the usual drinks. Best arrive early if you hope to catch a glimpse of anything. 9pm, Rotture, 315 SE 3rd. $5. 

Filth! welcomes Beyondadoubt. For the party girls, Filth–this month dubbed Royal Filth–is a queer dance party thrown by Bruce LaBruiser and friends every 4th Saturday. They play House, Electro, Remixes, Gay Jams. It is proudly not a top 40 party. (But Bruce often does what she wants.) This month: she wants to see you embody the royal–do it, live it, dress it, and bring it to the dance floor. Sweaty Betty. (Cozier, too.) 10pm, Beulahland, 118 NE 28th. Free. But you can tip all you’d like.

(There’s also this last minute fiesta at the Local benefiting Bat N’ Rouge. It’s brave to go up against the Bunny.)


Market Q’s Art Rummage Sale, in case you were wondering what to do with your leisurely Sunday. Read more about that here.

If you’re somehow missing Jason Myers’ (Home Theatre System) brainchild at Floyd’s, you’re missing everything. The architect of Dark Night of the Soul has cooked up this summer spectacular spectacular: Testify! A Drag Storytelling Revival. Church-themed, the evening has enough humor and heart to make the oldest queen’s hardened soul soar. Community members take turns performing, singing, lip syncing, playing instruments, and baring it all. Hear deep dark secrets; laugh at wildly inappropriate over-sharing testimonies. This is one of those events that’s a challenge to put into words; you have to see it. No, strike that, you have to experience it. Because that’s what it is–an experience. Performers this time around include Chanticleer Tru, Katey Pants, Margarine Powers, and Ash Kenazi (to name a few). 7pm, Old Town Floyd’s, 118 NW Couch. $5. 

Your Sunday nightcap, as per usual: The Superstar Divas. Free and lovely is what they are.

This week’s forecast brought to you in part by Camera Obscura’s “Fifth In Line to the Throne.” Desire Lines is out now.