This Sunday: Dana Goldberg! (And other Inferno goodness)

And don’t forget Portland’s beloved Belinda Carroll, comedienne extraordinaire.

Dana Goldberg, rising stand up star and gay television fixture (LOGO before their alleged upcoming retooling), is coming to town, brought to you by all the lovelies over at Inferno. (Hint: check out the link for more on them.) Goldberg has shared stages with President Obama, Jane Lynch, the cast of “Glee,” Lady Gaga, and Kathy Griffin. She’s also known for her impressive charity work.

So it only seems fitting that she’d move on to Carroll. (Who will, we assure, serve as a damn funny opening act.)

Goldberg has been described thusly:

“Raised by a wild pack of Jews, otherwise known as her mother and siblings, Dana Goldberg is a force of nature on stage.”  –her bio

“She’s smart, cute, and seriously funny.” –Curve Magazine (The magazine’s readers also voted Goldberg one of the five funniest lesbians in the country.)

One might call that a “triple threat”–like the ladies up in Seattle at Girl4Girl do. (Don’t worry, we had to look them up too.)

Need more? Check out this interview and story written by Portland’s (and PQ’s own) Kathy Belge right here.  Take the time to read it, it’s funny stuff.

There are all sorts of other things going on with Inferno, so be sure to check out their events on Facebook–or, better yet, go directly to their site, here, for an outline of this weekend’s events. Dancing, Belinda Carroll, Dana Goldberg–what more could you ask for from a weekend? Maybe sunshine? It looks like we’ll have that, too.

This Sunday, 6pm, Star Theater. For more information on the event, check out their Facebook page. And we’ll see you there!

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