The Re-Birth of the Warrior Queen

“I do the only logical thing to me, shimmy and shake. All I get is a floppy wrist and a dizzy head. I have no memory of how I came to be here. I know my name is Daylight Cums. I know I am a Warrior Queen. How did I come to be here?” This excellent photo by Greg Maguire.


By Marco Davis, Special for PQ Monthly

It begins with the sound of running water, a stream perhaps. I have no sense of anything prior to this moment; the sound of running water is what pulls me into awareness. No feeling, no sight, no smell, only sound. I breathe in through my nose, trying to pick up a scent of something I may recognize. I note warm berry blossoms, earth, moss—green comforting smells fill me. I feel my left hand. It is on moist moss. My eyes see light floating down through the trees. Upon moving my head, I see the moss my left hand is resting on… at eye level. What the fuck. I try to move and I cannot because my eyes show me that my head and left hand are the only things above ground.
I appear to be coming out of the earth.
I do the only logical thing to me, shimmy and shake. All I get is a floppy wrist and a dizzy head. I have no memory of how I came to be here. I know my name is Daylight Cums. I know I am a Warrior Queen.  How did I come to be here? I use my chin to start moving the soil away, but quit when I realize that I have not been buried here; I have sprouted up and out of the earth. Something shifts and I begin to be pushed up and out. I feel like a yogurt pop being pushed up towards an eager mouth. Only the mouth is the sky, and I am the yogurt. Kind of turns me on. A sly smile spreads across my face as I picture being licked by the sky; I rise more.
I find it so odd that I am not frightened. I should be! I mean, come on, how in the fuck did I end up here, growing out of the soil? I use my sudden height to survey the landscape. My ears were right, there is a stream off to my right. Not too big, maybe three strides across. I am in old growth forest, the trees are big and I am at the edge of a clearing. My heart skips a beat within the earth. I recognize this place. I am pushed further out of the soil, my arms are free. This was where I had my encounter with Hawk; lying in that field I felt his wings within my arms and his sight was my own. I understood that we were connected and that he was to be a guide for me on the quest.
I remember standing in the field after the flight with Hawk, feeling the warmth of the sun on me and the feel of the wind still in my lungs pulsing through my body, leading me on. The moment I step out of the field and into the woods and Hawk flies beyond me leading me on. I feel myself being pushed and pulled along the forest floor, almost hovering over the ground, but still able to feel the earth beneath my feet. I stop near this very stream and there was a man.
He motioned for me to join him on the rock next to him at the stream’s edge. I move. He is earth, air, and water. He is the knowledge of the earth and the spirit of the stream’s song; I feel the song within my body. I sit (in a flourish). His smile brings light to heart and his blue eyes a calm to my blood.  He doesn’t speak, yet he tells me all I need to know. The Ancestors have heard my call and wish to assist me on my quest. They understand my desire to expand beyond and become one with the whole.  My spirit animal, Hawk, has accepted my request for guidance and skill. It is now up to me to decide to step beyond the understanding of all I have known and leave it to become all that is unknown. I accept.
He asks me to remove my clothes and step into the stream. I am in a gown and require some assistance with the laces in back. He winks and my gown falls off of me. I remove my heels, my jewels, panties and wig. I step into the water. I sit on a low wide rock and let the water rush past me.  He encourages me to relax and allow the water to hold me. I give in. I do not go floating down the stream but find myself being supported by the water, as if her hands were wrapping me in an embrace and bringing buoyancy to my body. Time passes. I melt. My body is being dissolved by the rushing current and I sense myself letting go of all that I have known and have had held onto within each cell of my being. The last thing I remember him saying was that I would be met by another guide when I arise.
The earth shifts again and I am pushed up and out to my knees. I sit. The soft moss a welcome treat to my naked body. I am not cold. I lay back and feel the support of the earth I have just emerged from. The fading sunlight across my body lulls me to sleep.

A brush of a hand across my waste pulls me to the present.  I open my eyes and look up to see you. You continue to brush the earth from my body. Golden dust in shards of sunlight is what I see. Well, that and your eyes; golden brown like the gold dust floating around us. You are the physical of that which I cannot touch, but see all around me. I reach up. You are real. I feel flesh. You smile and help me to my feet.  I sparkle in the lace of sunlight upon my body. My hair long and luxurious, heavy with curl and bounce; my skin articulated with the way of the path, Hawk, and the knowledge of my quest.
You place a robe of linen and gold on my shoulders and fasten it around my waist with a golden rope belt. A crown of flowers and jewels is placed with such care and reverence, I feel my heart swell. With a slight bow, you indicate the direction we should travel and with a nod we step forward into the unknown, Hawk circling above…The glow of adventure within my soul seeping out of my being and your hand reaching for mine as we step on, side by side…
[To be continued…]