The Queer Week in Review: Voters, Violence, and Vermont

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Over the last week, two LGBTQ news headlines went viral online — shared, re-tweeted, and blogged by individuals, organizations, and news sites. The only problem? The news was seriously old. PQ was guilty of sharing one of those — a Huffington Post article from August 2010 about the Mexican Supreme Court’s ruling that all Mexican states must recognize same-sex marriage. The other, a May 2005 AP article posted at, had people up in arms over the fact that the FDA was going to ban sperm donations by gay men (they did, and still do).

While we don’t know where this viral distribution of old news began, it brings up two interesting possibilities — that we never noticed the news when it was first published, or we are so overstimulated that we’ve already forgotten it. Which brings us to this post, a (we hope regular) feature in which we recount that big news of the week. We already do this on a monthly basis in our news briefs, but there’s more news than fits in print.

Here are some major headlines from the past week (or so). Let us know if we’ve overlooked something major in the comments.

Poll: Equality Not Top Priority for LGBTQ Voters

According to a LOGO TV survey, LGBTQ voters are most concerned with the economy. Like the rest of the country, LGBTQ voters are most concerned about the economy. But perhaps the most compelling part of the survey is the revelation that 1 in 5 voters would switch from blue to red if Romney and Ryan backed LGBTQ equality to the degree that President Obama does. And fully 25 percent would consider supporting other Republican candidates. All this, as the Republican Party approves a platform that is being called its most conservative in history. Read more here.

Trans* Person of Color Murdered in Ohio

Kendall Hampton, a 26-year-old trans* person of color, was found shot in a convenience store parking lot Aug. 18 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Police are still searching for the suspect. According to the Advocate, The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs and The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Program are investigating whether gender identity or race were motivating factors in the murder. The NCAVP says this is the eighth murder of a trans or gender non-conforming person this year.  Read more here.

LGBTQ Center Volunteer  Accused of Shooting a Family Research Council Security Guard

Floyd Lee Corkins, II, a 28-year-old volunteer for the D.C. Center for the LGBTQ Community, is charged with interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition and assault with intent to kill while armed in the shooting of a security guard for anti-gay organization the Family Research Council. If convicted, Corkins faces 40 years in prison. Multiple LGBTQ organizations spoke out against the violence. Read more here.

Lesbian Couple Settles Lawsuit Against Vermont Inn

A New York couple has settles a lawsuit against a Vermont inn that they accused of anti-gay discrimination in refusing to host their wedding reception. The Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville will pay $10,000 to the Vermont Human Rights Commission, pay $20,000 to a charitable trust, and cease to host weddings and receptions. Read more here.