The Queer Week in Review: Science? Science!

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

We figure you’re up-to-date on the political happenings of the last week, so we’re taking things in a different direction. Here are a few of the science-y stories that made the rounds in our virtual workplace this week. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether they deserve they label of “science” or not.

Aussie Doc Banned from Practice after Prescribing Castration Drug to Gay Teen

Forget about praying the gay away — one Australian doctor was recently found guilty of prescribing a chemical castration drug (typically given to sex offenders) to an 18-year-old member of his controversial Christian Sext, the Exclusive Brethren.¬†According to Gay Star News, the young man was sent to Dr. Mark Craddock after he confessed his homosexuality to church leaders. He was given a prescription for the drug, along with five refills and no follow-up care — despite the fact that the drug manufacturers require it. The doctor has been banned from practicing as a general practitioner. Read the whole disturbing story here.

Kinsey Institute Announces Release of Sex Study App, Lawyers Press Pause

The Kinsey Institute — you know, the folks that study sex and brought us the Kinsey Scale — recently announced the release of an app called the Kinsey Reporter that allows people to anonymously provide information about their sexual activities and experiences along with basic geographic data. But before you try to download the free app to you Android or iPhone, you should know that the project is on hold after lawyers at Indiana University (a collaborator on the project) expressed concerns. But assuming they work out their issues, the important question is: Would you spill your dirty sexy secrets via a phone app (assuming you don’t already via Grindr and the like…)? Read more at the LA Times.

Author Believes Brain Hemisphere Dominance is Key to Sexual Orientation

James Olsen, author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace, says he believes there is a direct correlation between the dominance of the right or left side of the brain and a person’s sexual orientation. According to The Advocate, Olson theorizes that most lesbians (like heterosexual men) are left-hemisphere dominant while most gay men (like heterosexual women) are right-hemisphere dominant. He says that bisexuals tend to have more equal hemispheres, while transgender folks have extreme hemispheric dominance. You can test your hemispheric dominance here and read more about Olson’s theory here. Do you buy it? Sound off in the comments.