“Temple” at The Rose (in Old Town): Featuring Bruce LaBruiser and Gossip Cat

It’s no secret the West Side currently boasts a dearth of queer nights–aside from a couple of gay mainstays (the nightly penis variety show and always-solid CCs), there’s not much in the way of gay dancing happenings (RIP, Red Cap)–especially since Maricon moved east. (And Boxxes closed their dance floor.) While we wait to see how everything shakes out on Stark, there’s a new Old Town gay social on the scene: Temple, a fourth-Thursdays mixer featuring two of our favorite deejays: Bruce LaBruiser and Gossip Cat.

If you’ve been residing under a rock: kids, meet Bruce LaBruiser–and enjoy some musical stylings that will get you through your workweek and similarly prepared for Thursday. Right? Right.

Don’t let the prospect of Old Town frighten you, the venue (The Rose)  is new, bright, shiny–we love shiny things!–and the sound is pretty spectacular. And if you fill it up with homos? Glorious.

If you’re somehow still undecided: meet Gossip Cat.

Beautiful musics, pretty venue, deejay star power–make the West Side live again, queers. At least for a night.

There are a variety of other lures, too, including: “super special gay pricing on the best pizza in town”–we haven’t had it yet, but we hear it’s quite good. Plus “extra special” drink prices (during the first hour) and other specials all night long. (Including a summer-inspired lemonade concoction.)

So, as the organizers implore you: “Come relax, mingle, dance and party like you used to, this new night is the perfect way to start the weekend a day early!” Don’t let the prospect of mingling with Old Towners dissuade you (hell–maybe you’ll run into those sweet Real World kids).

And perhaps that boy in the poster will give you a thousand sweet kisses. It all goes down at The Rose, 111 SW Ash. Check out the Facebook event page for all the details.