Civil Disobedience

By Suzanne Deakins


“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


“Civil disobedience is a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt.” – Ghandi


“Historically the most terrible things — war genocide, and slavery …

Judgment Day; The Price of Security

By Suzanne Deakins

Moving into 2017 we are faced with a lot of dangerous ideas. Not the least in the present equation of worry is the new President who seems to be determined to display a kind of prejudice that is …

Refuse the Bitter Pills

By Suzanne Deakins for PQ Monthly

Our society conflicts with contractions that put our future in peril. As we approach the election of our presidency more than a 4-year term is at stake.  The very freedoms we have fought for may …


By Suzanne Deakins, PQ Monthly

Devastation, heartbreaking, tears, and deep disappointed only begin to describe what we are all feeling in our community. Distance does not matter, what happens to one happens to us all.

As we search our hearts and minds …

Economic Reset…Part One

Truth or Dare

By Suzanne Deakins, PQ Monthly

In 2007 when I was on the PABA board we received a piece of information that changed the way we looked at business. The information came from the National GLBTQ Business Association. GLBTQ professionals …

Mother’s Love The Ultimate Intimacy

By Suzanne Deakins, GLAPN

Many years ago I was very focused on the roles of the binary genders. A marriage that was failing and loving my neighbor (a woman) was driving me to divide my mind. I kept feeling if I …

Unsung Women Heroes and the Butterfly Effect

Suzanne Deakins, GLAPN


This is a story about women. Women we don’t know, whose names never appears in headlines of the newspaper, nor are they considered hero activists. Women no matter what their gender identity, sexual preferences, or station in life, …

All We Need is Love, Love Knows No Gender

By Suzanne Deakins–GLAPN


Love the most written about topic, the most longed for emotion, and perhaps the most painful of all emotions when it goes “wrong.” The first pull we feel toward a potential lover is often eros. Eros is a …


By Suzanne Deakins, GLAPN for PQ Monthly

Through history, there have been as many combinations of gender identity as there have been individuals. Gender is not a sexual preference but rather how you identify as an individual. Western society as a …

A Compass for our Future

By Suzanne Deakins, Ph.D., GLAPN


Many years ago I sat in a teaching lab at UCLA, when the professor, Dr. Rod Gorney began talking about violence, creativity, and history. Up until that moment, I had never connected the three: history had …