PQ Mouthy with Guest Asher Freeman

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

PQ Mouthy is back! This episode Leela is joined by special guest, and former SMYRC coordinator, Asher Freeman. Join them as they discuss non-binary gender identities, trans folk at women’s colleges, and the moments that surprised …

ID Check: Becoming a Genderqueer Ally

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

In my Facebook feed appeared a person with stubble, and red lipstick whose picture ran with an advice column from a major newspaper, gently advising a reader to get over his hang ups about using unconventional, …

QI Force: Connecting at our intersections

Giovanni McKenzie, managing director and chief creative officer of the QI Force

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

Intersectionality is a big topic in social justice circles today, and it’s one on the minds of the founders the QI Force, a new Portland …

Wednesday weekend forecast: Post-election selections

by Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly


WE WERE HERE (trailer) from David Weissman on Vimeo.


In the settling dust of Election 2012, it seems as though the tide is changing for LGBTQ folks across the country. Gay marriage ballot measures and referendums swung …

Wednesday weekend forecast

by Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly



Before we go into this weekend’s forecast, let me remind you that some weekends require planning. And, well, some gay pride festivals are definitely worth visiting. So mark your calendars now for Maui Pride, October 5-7… …