SCOTUS: Bring it On Home

Steve S. The Home Front

By Steve Strode, PQ Monthly

My last few articles were happy and lifestyle-oriented. This one is more nuts and bolts. But please stay with me.

Not everyone will get married. And for those who have no intention of it—both straight and queer—the …

#LoveWon; Marriage is Ours

“Some will complain that the Court’s decision has foreclosed further debate on this issue, but truthfully, there is no further debate to be had.” –Mark Johnson Roberts (far left, with Gov. Brown and his partner, Jay).

June 26, 2015. Do you …

Local Reaction to SCOTUS’s Ruling on Marriage Equality

Compiled by PQ Monthly staff

As news spreads of this morning’s historic decision by the Supreme Court, which in a 5-4 vote ruled that states cannot keep same-sex couples from marrying and must recognize their unions — via the 103-page decision on Obergefell v. Hodges — …

Marriage for Everyone!

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

It is a very important Pride season for the LGBTQ community, kids. Sure, the booze is flowing, the EDM is on full blast in many of our various hot clubs, and President Obama declared June Pride …

Yes, I’ll Marry You! 5 Questions to Answer Next

By Holly Pruett, Life-Cycle Celebrant

When Judge McShane overturned Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban, it was the culmination, for me, of 26 years in the trenches.
I came out just months before the first statewide anti-gay initiative in 1988. I threw myself into that …

Your News-y Roundup–News Briefs, August 6

That cake is begging for some straight lines. Photo courtesy Facebook.
By Kim Hoffman, PQ Monthly

Our not-so-favorite sweets shop, the now-infamous Sweet Cakes by Melissa, is back in the news. No, they didn’t deny another lesbian couple a wedding cake for …

Dear LGBT Oregonians: Get Married

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

After more than 30 years, countless discrimination measures, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, and more activism than you can shake a stick at, the ruling’s in: same-sex marriage is legal in Oregon. A last ditch effort to stay …