Touch Isolation and Homophobia

American men, in an attempt to avoid any hint of homoerotic sexual touch, are foregoing gentle platonic touch in their lives. The implications of touch isolation for men’s health and happiness are huge.

Embody – We need to learn

By Sossity Chiricuzio for PQ Monthly

The planet cries for us. I’ve heard it since I was a small child, quiet in the night. The world cries for us because we are so broken. Because we lash out, and gobble, and …

This is Not a Rape: The Art of Emma Sulkowicz

Emma Sulkowicz took a 50 pound mattress, sewn into a black sheet, with her wherever she went to protest her school’s lack of action in prosecuting her alleged rapist, who remained enrolled along with her.

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

Without question, …

Steve Duin Doesn’t Understand Rape Culture

By Kat Endgame, PQ Monthly

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A little over a week ago, The Oregonian’s Steve Duin published “Getting your ‘groove on’ at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside”–a lukewarm critique of Cascade Aids Project for …