Q&A: The Re-Segregation of America

Peter Schurmann, New America Media

EDITOR’S NOTE: After Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the Republican Party determined that it needed to connect with the nation’s increasingly diverse electorate. But two years earlier, writes author Dave Daley in his new book Ratf**ked …

Voter Suppression and Victories in 2016

New America Media, Sarita Hiatt

New and increasingly strict state and county voting laws are threatening to cut off a growing number of Americans from their right to vote as the primary season opens.

Ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by the lack …

“To Move Forward Together”

Ed. note: The following was received in response to Renee LaChance’s op-ed, published in the current edition of PQ Monthly.

Kathleen Saadat‘s letter is posted in its entirety.

Kathleen Saadat

My friend Renee LaChance wrote an article laying out her history and her heart, her love …

On White Privilege

Constantly, people of color are told when their race should matter, how it should matter, how much it matters, and when it shouldn’t.

By Matt Pizzuti, PQ Monthly

One of the most pervasive forms of white privilege I’ve experienced is having full …


By Monika MHz & Gula, PQ Monthly

Dear Monika/Gula,

I’m afraid to ask this question, but here goes: I’m a white gay man, and when it comes down to it I’m only attracted to other white men. I’ve done a lot of …