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Portland Queer Film Festival 2017
From romantic dramas to irreverent erotica to gritty documentaries, Portland Queer Film Festival brings it all for another year of feature, documentary and short queer films from all over the world. Come for a screening …

Where Are All the Butches?

It seems there aren’t as many self-identifying butch lesbians around nowadays, but instead of focusing on “where they’ve gone,” maybe we should reexamine our notions of a butch/femme dichotomy.

Triumph: Your Queer Coffeehouse

By Cameron Kude, PQ Monthly

When I was 16, my family moved from the suburbs of Southern California to a part of Long Beach known as The Gayborhood. Right around the corner from our new residence was a coffee shop called …

“To Move Forward Together”

Ed. note: The following was received in response to Renee LaChance’s op-ed, published in the current edition of PQ Monthly.

Kathleen Saadat‘s letter is posted in its entirety.

Kathleen Saadat

My friend Renee LaChance wrote an article laying out her history and her heart, her love …

Who are the Maskers? BBC 4’s Secrets of the Living Dolls

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

The subculture of “maskers,” profiled in the fascinating BBC 4 documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls, consists of heterosexual, male-assigned people who buy and wear “Femskins”—rubber, woman-shaped suits, including masks, that allow them to live out …