The Equi Institute partners with the Q Center!

By Sossity Chiricuzio, PQ Monthly
The Equi Institute has been changing the landscape of Trans and Queer health care in Portland for several years now, teaching Trans-competent seminars for healthcare providers and staff, training Naturopath and Medical students, going toe-to-toe with …

Community News!

The memorial for the nine African Americans who were murdered while attending a South Carolina church service.

By George Nicola, GLAPN

“Healing Conversations” Event Held at Q Center

Left to right, event organizer Margaret-Ann Jones and the memorial’s creator Q Center volunteer Cindy …

Building Community Together

Photo of Debra Porta by Stephanie Diller.

By Debra Porta, Pride NW President

The last year has seen a number of positive moves forward for the LGBTQ community. More and more queer couples around the country can marry. In Oregon, we reached …

Town Hall Meetings Underway at Q Center

Compiled by Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

As of this edition’s print date, Q Center has held two well-attended town hall forums to address past challenges and future progress at Q Center. New leadership—interim and otherwise—has made good on its promise to …