Gaylabration is coming

By Olivia Olivia, PQ Monthly

This year’s Portland Pride is gearing up to celebrate its sixth annual Gaylabration – a dance party, fundraiser, and official Pride Northwest Festival event to be held this Saturday to celebrate the diversity of love and …

Finding Leo: Of Love and Pride

Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Pride is defiance. Pride is art and beauty. Pride is my community.

Pride is a celebration of love, human dignity, and self-worth, amidst the noise and nonsense of bigotry and discrimination.

I walk in the Pride Parade as a …

Why Pride is still Relevant

By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

Every year around the beginning of June the question of ‘Is Pride still relevant?’ seems to comes up. And each time I find myself thinking back 20+ years ago remembering the climate of acceptance and tolerance …

Astoria’s Inaugural Gay Pride

By Marco Davis, PQ Monthly

Pride means many things to many people.  Pride in one’s appearance, pride in one’s integrity, pride in one’s family, community and/or job. Pride gives one that sense that all is right in the world, and one …