“Change Does Happen”: Shaley Howard

Photo of Shaley Howard by Eric Sellers.

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

As a proud “Portland Unicorn,” someone born and raised in our fair city, Shaley Howard works tirelessly to make it a better place for everyone. A nationally-recognized activist for HRC …

Portland Netrippers Secure Bid for World Gay Cup!


Photo courtesy: http://iglfa.org/
By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

As if Portland isn’t already the coolest queer and soccer-crazed place with our Thorns, Timbers, NetRippers and occasional Festival of Babes, guess what’s heading this way in 2016? The International Gay and Lesbian Football Association …

A Billboard-Sized Hot Queer? Yes, Please!

Ed. note: PQ’s resident “Pretty & Witty & Gay” gal Belinda Carroll has a humble request of you on this, the anniversary of her birth. Read on for how to make her wish come true. (Seriously, it’s super easy and awesome. …

News Briefs: October/November 2013

Joe Bell, father of the late Jadin Bell, was killed during a cross-country trek to raise awareness about the kind of anti-gay bullying that led to his son’s suicide.

Joe Bell of La Grande, Ore., whose son Jadin committed suicide last …