Political Morality

By Suzanne Deakins

As a student of mind and consciousness, I have learned that 90% of all decisions are made from our unconscious mind based on our early years’ experiences. Morality and ethics are perceived through the lens of our belief …

Peace On Earth: The Biggest Myth

By Suzanne Deakins

I usually like to write a feel good piece about Peace-On-Earth this time of year, but it all seems a bit shallow with the current state of affairs in our world.

While watching Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of …

Star Trends: A General Reading for Nov/Dec 2016

By Robert McEwen

Planetary cycles bring out certain dynamics that are archetypal patterns of the Collective psyche.   There is an undercurrent on a global level that tends to express certain psychological patterns through all peoples.  The Sign of Capricorn represents form and structure …

A Latino Giant Awakens

By Alberto Moreno

On this post-election November morning, brown us wakes to a different America. Wakes to a less kind America. Wakes to a divided, unequal America. Wakes to an unforeseen unimagined Trump presidency.

Trump who has described us as “criminals,” as …