The veil is dropping on your world. A world you created out of materialism. A self-loathing world that indoctrinates children into plastic soldiers, casualties of your bloody wars on “terror.” The thin veil that protected your privilege as a guaranteed …

This is the Clarion Call?


By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

Blood and disaster worldwide…what words does a Publisher of community advocacy publication put to ink? Since June 12, 2016, I have met with and had many conversations with people ranging from political leaders, spiritual advisors, …

Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr. Trump,

My name in Melanie Davis. I am the Owner of Brilliant Media llc., the parent company that publishes El Hispanic News (the Nations #1 bilingual publication for 7 consecutive years according to, to the National Association of Hispanic Publications) …

Our Tribe – Your Warriors

By Melanie Davis, PQ Monthly

By now you have either already been to, or read about Stag PDX – dubbed Portland’s premier gay gentlemen’s lounge and bar. We know our #ProudQueer team has enjoyed “covering” all the happenings since its inception …

Memorial Day 2016

By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

…all politics aside, no one should have to die for freedom[.]

‘The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.’ – Albert Einstein

This Memorial Day I …

Cannabis Queries: Out of the Closet…Again.

By Trista Okel & Melanie Davis, PQ Monthly

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in our region, my publications have been bombarded with questions regarding the laws, consumer rights/privacy/protections, and all of the new products on the market. I am Melanie …

Welcome to the starting line!

“There are so many words to open with, in the final edition of PQ for the year”, I tell myself as I take a deep breath to string the following together.

2015, it flew by! Where did it even begin, and …

The Future of Cascade AIDS Project

By Melanie Davis, PQ Monthly

Thirty years ago Rock Hudson died of AIDS. The passing of this famous person helped increases public awareness of the disease considerably. However, our world was not prepared for the tsunami of souls this epidemic would, …