Queer Heroes NW: Chris Tanner and Lisa Chickadonz

Christine Tanner and Lisa Chickadonz met in 1982 at Oregon Health Sciences University. They started a family in the 1990s.

Ed. Note: Robin Will discusses the history of the Queer Heroes NW project here.

By Robin Will, President, Gay & Lesbian Archives …

Barney Frank Does Barney, Beautifully

Former Rep. Barney Frank wins our Wednesday a.m. with the following utterly delightful clip from Late Night with Seth Meyers last night.

Seriously. A Rumplestiltskin/Justice Scalia reference and an awesome new hashtag (#realitybeatsprejudice) in pretty much the same breath?! Keep doing …

Let’s Celebrate Our Unions: Love Stories

“My feelings about marriage changed soon after Dwight was injured in a serious car accident about 14 months ago. That experience helped me learn to live with my insecurities and recommit to marriage as a public promise of love, responsibility, …

The Generation that Dies Alone?

Photo by Eric Sellers.
By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

According to the Pew Research Center (I love all the different studies that come out of there), marriage is less popular than ever. The number of American adults over 25 who have never …

Wedding Disengagement

By Bil Browning, Special for PQ Monthly

Last month my partner, Jerame, and I announced our engagement on Facebook. We’re going to get hitched in October on our 16th anniversary.

We decided to skip the big elaborate wedding. Instead, we invited our …

Page 3: Our Stories are as Diverse as We Are

By Daniel Borgen, Editor, PQ Monthly

My utterly favorite time of the year has arrived — autumn! Not only is the season a harbinger of all of the year’s best things —chilly sunny days, heavier jackets and vests, crunchy, colorful leaves, …

Yes, I’ll Marry You! 5 Questions to Answer Next

By Holly Pruett, Life-Cycle Celebrant

When Judge McShane overturned Oregon’s same-sex marriage ban, it was the culmination, for me, of 26 years in the trenches.
I came out just months before the first statewide anti-gay initiative in 1988. I threw myself into that …