Our Midlife Adventure (Not Crisis), Pt. 2

There is a mind-blowing, lush-food-filled, eye-popping, jaw-dropping fresh food market in Paris daily and we were within walking distance of the Oberkampf, Bastille and Père-Lachaise markets.

By Kim Dunn and Laura Waters, PQ Monthly

Just a little over a year ago, we …

China Correspondent – “James”

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

The is the beginning of a series detailing an interview I did with a Chinese man about his experience being gay in China and his views on life for gay men in his country.

I meet James …

Our Midlife Adventure (not Crisis!)

By Laura Waters and Kim Dunn, Special for PQ Monthly

We just returned from a glorious nine-month (Nine months!) adventure in Europe. We are a regular Northwest family (two moms and a darling daughter), living what was a pretty regular life …