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Portland Queer Film Festival 2017
From romantic dramas to irreverent erotica to gritty documentaries, Portland Queer Film Festival brings it all for another year of feature, documentary and short queer films from all over the world. Come for a screening …

Where Are All the Butches?

It seems there aren’t as many self-identifying butch lesbians around nowadays, but instead of focusing on “where they’ve gone,” maybe we should reexamine our notions of a butch/femme dichotomy.

Finding Leo: The Flame

By Leo Bancroft for PQ Monthly

I was in a bar the other day, telling a story about what’s new with my life.  I began by saying, “Well, I’m starting a church…”

My friend made a face.  Yep.  I would make that …

Being an Ally to the Deaf and HoH Community

By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

I visited Costa Rica a few years ago and took a coffee plantation tour. Our tour guide first described what we were seeing in Spanish and then said the same thing in English. I realized quickly …