Finding Leo: Of Love and Pride

Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Pride is defiance. Pride is art and beauty. Pride is my community.

Pride is a celebration of love, human dignity, and self-worth, amidst the noise and nonsense of bigotry and discrimination.

I walk in the Pride Parade as a …

Finding Leo: One Chest Hair Is Enough

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly


I have been on testosterone for 21 months, and still only have one chest hair.  One.  It’s faint, and sometimes I need my glasses on to see it, but it’s there. Sigh. My facial hair status …

Finding Leo: My Best Valentine

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

It’s raining outside.  I’m scrolling through Facebook past angry political posts and memes about cats.  And then I see a post from AIDS Walk Portland. Drawn in, I look at the photos from last summer. Blue …

Finding Leo: Back to the Beginning

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Coming out as trans, starting with my own self-realization on March 26, 2013, was both terrifying and liberating. Of course, I told Daniel first. A friend of many years, he is the one I call when …

Finding Leo: Light a Candle

When I look back over 2015, there were many bright moments. I had a few firsts in my life as a trans man: taking off my shirt in public for the Trans Pride March in June, wearing a tux for …

Finding Leo: My Crotch and My Faith

I look with gratitude at my naked body that has carried me through this world for 40 years.

By Leo Bancroft, Special for PQ Monthly

              Disclaimer: This my own story and not intended to depict all trans experiences. You probably knew …