Your Pre-Pride Weekend: Get It

The Charming, courtesy Erin Res. Charming headlines Bridge Club Sunday.
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

It just sort of dawned on me today that May is coming to a close. It whizzed by at a breakneck speed, and June–and the beginning of …

Your Weekend Update: on Island Time

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

I am not going to lie, folks. Your fearless editor is suffering from some serious Hawaiian-time-brain. A week on a tropical island–and the torrid love affairs that come with it–does more than soothe your soul. But …

Get Out January/February 2014

PQ Picks

Saturday, January 18: Beareacuda PDX. I have never been to one of these parties that wasn’t absolutely packed—wall to wall bears. Part terrifying, part amazing. From the party-throwers: We’re back for our first party of 2014 with hundreds of …

PQ Picks

Friday, November 22

Laid Out goes Deep. Before going on a December hiatus, Portland’s newest gay dance party is going hard and deep with some of the city’s finest. Portland House legend Mercedes will be on the decks, as well as …

Your annual Halloween To-Boo list

Gula’s moved her house party to Crush and invited all her ladies-in-waiting to perform for you.
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Halloween in this town sometimes feels bigger than Pride — the costumes, the soirees, the energy. (Perhaps it’s the SAD and/or …

Light Asylum, Laid Out, Blow Pony–and More! Your Weekend.

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Whether it’s drag, sweaty dance floors, or leisurely, chilly, adult-beverage-inspired evenings, we’ve got you covered this weekend. After you peruse these highlights, remember to check our print calendar, which we conveniently store on our beautiful website.

Note: …