Vanport Mosaic Festival

The Vanport Mosaic Festival, which ran May 26–29, is a free four-day event exploring the history of Vanport through live theater, documentaries, exhibits, lectures and tours.


By George T. Nicola, GLAPN


Know Your City (KYC), a community-based history and social justice organization, has launched a new program called Our Stories Matter. Its mission is “to ensure that the history of underrepresented people is included as an equal …

PABA Wins Spirit of Portland Award

By George T. Nicola, GLAPN


The Spirit of Portland Awards “recognize local individuals and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to positive change in our community. Award winners are those who have not only worked to improve the community but who …

“To Move Forward Together”

Ed. note: The following was received in response to Renee LaChance’s op-ed, published in the current edition of PQ Monthly.

Kathleen Saadat‘s letter is posted in its entirety.

Kathleen Saadat

My friend Renee LaChance wrote an article laying out her history and her heart, her love …

Mozart was into Scat—and Other Gems


By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

I don’t know about your weekends, but sometimes Mama “accidentally” takes too much Xanax, gets a little too relaxed, and ends up watching Fox News to get her anxiety levels back to normal. It’s like really …

Removing the Past from the Present

Leela G. ID Check

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

Recovering from repressed trauma and transitioning were similar experiences, in that both involved integrating of parts of myself which had been sealed off. For the last four years flux has been my normal state, adjusting to …

It’s a Sunny Spring Thing, Redux. Your Weekend!


By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

With the perfection of Springtime sunshine soaking our gorgeous city, you really have no reason to complain–or stay in. While we put the finishing touches on the state’s first-ever queer wedding issue, pleased to be distracting …