Gender “X”

A DMV proposal that would introduce a third gender option, “X,” for licenses and identification cards is expected to be approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission this month.

“Butch Queens Up In Pumps”: House/Ball Culture Today

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

For many observers, their first taste of the house/ball scene came with the 1989 documentary “Paris Is Burning.” The indelible film took viewers in Harlem’s African-African and Latino LGBTQ subcultures, where members formed surrogate families, with …

Finding Leo: Transitioning in Church

By Leo Bancroft, Special for PQ Monthly

O! Let me speak into the darkness! Remember with anger and grief the too-many-deaths through suicide and murder! Let our voices be heard between clanging gongs of hatred and deafening silences of loss! Let …

Keep Your Binary Off My Gender

Leela G. ID Check


By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

When one has experienced an erroneous gender assignment, and then had to live with it, suffering a traumatic puberty; when one has fought the perception that their gender is somehow inauthentic, and has seen their identity …

Should they all be dykes on those bikes?

Community members debate the future of the Portland Pride Parade’s biker contingent
How the head of Portland’s Pride parade is going to look in the years ahead is far from settled. Photo by Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly
By Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly

For …