PQ Events Calendar – July 2017

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Portland Queer Comedy Festival
Portland Queer Comedy Festival is the first multi-day, multi-venue, queer-performer focused comedy festival in the US; produced by Belinda Carroll and Andy Barrett of Funhouse Lounge. This festival will involve comics from all walks of the …

GET OUT! March/April

PQ Picks

1) Friday, March 25

Spring Awakening party by the Gay Prides of Vancouver. Give some love to Portland’s neighbor to the North: Join Your Mr. Ms. And Miss Vancouver Gay Pride, Steven D. Westwood, Nirvana Dix Dupont and Dixie B. …

PQ Hump Day Free Ride: Win More Things!

PQ Hump Day Free Ride Dingos

This could be you!
By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

In honor of this awesomely winning election (and, you know, Wednesday) PQ Monthly is giving you the opportunity to win more things. This may be hard to believe if you found yourself exclaiming …