Star Trends: A General Reading for Nov/Dec 2016

By Robert McEwen

Planetary cycles bring out certain dynamics that are archetypal patterns of the Collective psyche.   There is an undercurrent on a global level that tends to express certain psychological patterns through all peoples.  The Sign of Capricorn represents form and structure …

Voter Suppression and Victories in 2016

New America Media, Sarita Hiatt

New and increasingly strict state and county voting laws are threatening to cut off a growing number of Americans from their right to vote as the primary season opens.

Ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected by the lack …

August 2012 Issue

Open publication – Free publishing – More bisexual

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The more things change …


Red Cap Garage

In honor of what’s sure to be a very heated election season, this issue we’ve looked to democracy as …

Pretty and Witty and Gay

Belinda Carroll

Why I Love Republicans
Pretty and Witty and Gay, By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly


Oh, MY! Kats and kittens, it’s election season! That special time once every four years when we get to partake in the kind of crazy on national television …