Hitler or Hyperbole? You Decide.

By Monty Herron

After just one week in office, the nation’s new president arguably set progress in this country back by thirty years, while simultaneously setting the record for fastest majority disapproval rating in this country’s history (8 days). Additionally, with …

A Latino Giant Awakens

By Alberto Moreno

On this post-election November morning, brown us wakes to a different America. Wakes to a less kind America. Wakes to a divided, unequal America. Wakes to an unforeseen unimagined Trump presidency.

Trump who has described us as “criminals,” as …

Filipino Americans Sound Off on Trump’s Immigration Speech

By Christina Oriel, Asian Journal

Build a wall. Curb undocumented immigration. End sanctuary cities. Implement an extreme vetting process.

In his anticipated immigration speech in Phoenix, Ariz. on Wednesday night, August 31, these were some of the policies Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump …

Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr. Trump,

My name in Melanie Davis. I am the Owner of Brilliant Media llc., the parent company that publishes El Hispanic News (the Nations #1 bilingual publication for 7 consecutive years according to, to the National Association of Hispanic Publications) …

Trump Is Also A Symptom

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

It’s easy to fear Donald Trump if you’re a progressive. He’s referred to immigrants coming from Mexico as ‘rapists’, suggested building a wall along the Mexican border, plays into the fear mongering of Muslims, criticized the …