BREAKING: Oregon Teacher of the Year Fired

Oregon Teacher of the Year Brett Bigham with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Photo provided by Bigham.

By Matt Pizzuti, PQ Monthly

The Portland special ed teacher and Teacher of the Year who claims he’s been harassed, censured and threatened with termination …

Trans Exclusion in Portland

Leela G. ID Check

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

At Q Center’s second Town Hall meeting, an attendee stood, identified herself as a “woman born woman” and requested space to meet exclusively with other women who identify as she does. Hearing her, I, and the …

Wage Gap Closing for Gay Men!

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

Good news gay gentleman friends! I’ve mentioned the myth of gay affluence before, and Pacific Standard reports that the wage gap for gay men is closing:

… new estimates show that the wage gap between married heterosexual men …

Belinda Carroll on Obama’s Big Gay Legacy

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

Do you remember the 1992 election? (If you don’t, shut up whippersnapper–grown-ups are talking.) Clinton was like, “Hey LGB people (because he hadn’t even thought of the T), I’m going to treat you right and make …