A Word on the OKCupid Experiments

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

I’ve used OKCupid a few times before, and because the Internet is forever, I’m sure my profile still exists, a perfect time capsule of my 2008 – 2009 self. Woah, that’s a long time ago. What …

Whiskey & Sympathy: September/October 2013

Dear Gula and Sophia,

My partner and I have been living together for a while, so you could say things are pretty serious. We both identify as progressives, try to support every LGBTQ cause in whatever way we can, and volunteered …

Whiskey & Sympathy: July/August 2013

Dear Gula and Sophia,

I’m a personal of ample size who is getting back into the dating game after a long break. Problem is I sometimes have trouble discerning the difference between people who are attracted to me as a human …

The Lady Chronicles: March/April 2013

The Lady Chronicles by Daniel Borgen

Lent or bust! (On Grindr and its wicked kin)
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Year after year, an old friend of mine gave up alcohol for Lent. I, in turn, would always mock him, mostly because I considered the prospect of that …

The Lady Chronicles: January/February 2013

The Lady Chronicles by Daniel Borgen

‘I won’t respect you if I top you’: A dating retrospective
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

On New Year’s Day, still smarting from a late night with Heklina at The Eagle, my friend Ryan and I embarked on a grand project: a …

End Up Tales: October/November 2012

Where home isn’t

By Anonymous

Where am I? In your bed, I discover, my eyes opening to Saturday morning, all bleary from the previous night’s partying. It only takes a moment before the scene becomes clear: you lie beside me, face buried …

Whiskey & Sympathy: September/October 2012


Dear Sophia and Gula,

Here’s my dilemma: My partner and I have been together for about five years. In the beginning our relationship was full of passion. These days, while we are still loving and affectionate, the fires aren’t burning quite …