Get OUT! March/April 2015

PQ Picks

Lumbertwink, March 21

Saturday, March 21. Slumbertwink. From the party architects: We’re having a good, old-fashioned slumber party and we want you to sleep over! Don’t worry about waking your roommates; we’ve got several rooms of plaid clad dads, Lumbertwinks, …

Tig Notaro Descends Upon the Rose City

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

Tig Notaro is one of those comics that I am intimidated by, and I’m not intimidated by much. She has had an amazing career–a nationally touring stand-up who’s been on everything it seems. Conan O’Brien, The …

The Lezberados are Coming!

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

Hey Kats and Kittens! I’m so excited about this show that I could about Bieber myself. (Is that a thing? Is now.) Mimi Gonzalez and Sandra Valls are about the funniest thing in queerdom and they …