Get Out September/October 2015

PQ Picks

Saturday, September 19
Stranger Disco: Four of your favorites team up at one of your favorites. As summer wanes, you’ll enjoy Vendetta’s gorgeous patio one last time. (Oh, who are we kidding, we’ll be there all winter.) Regardless: come dance …

Get Out! August/September 2015

PQ Picks

Saturday, August 22
Blow Pony and the House of Love join forces to bring you an end-of-summer Love Ball! And category is: Nightmare on 5th Avenue. Alexander McQueen is back from the dead, and you swear you saw Patsy and …

Get Out! July/August 2015

PQ Picks

Sunday, July 19
Bridge Club is pulling a Missy-Elliott-one-time-exclusive and reassembling for this super special summer gig. This is the only Bridge Club scheduled for the summer (say it isn’t so), so mark your calendars and DON’T MISS IT. Troubled …

Pride 2015: The Party List

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Because HEKLINA.

Pride is here. Here is your exhaustive party list, always the longest print list in town, regardless of what other publications say; our lists are compiled by folks who actually sample the queer nightlife our …

Pride is Upon Us!

Here is a smattering of the slew of events sure to test your livers and stamina this June. Drink lots of water, take naps, and invest in quality eye treatments. (This isn’t an exhaustive list; our complete list will be …

The Gay Bar is Dead, Long Live the Gay Bar!

Daniel Borgen. The Lady Chronicles

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

In the old days, gays would saunter up and down Stark Street any given night—especially on a Thursday or a Saturday—finding everything their tipsy little hearts desired within a few small-ish city blocks. Perhaps you’d go …