Daria – Straight Ally For The Queers!

By Shaley Howard for PQ Monthly

Over the years the LGBTQ community has experienced all kinds of institutionalized and public discrimination and violence. With this oppression often comes the inclination from within our community to bond together for protection and safety; …

Pioneering Straight Ally Gretchen Kafoury Dies

By George T. Nicola, GLAPN

In 1973, a small group of Oregonians in the state’s recently launched gay movement wanted to obtain non-discrimination legal protection for the first time. However, none of us had political experience. One day a friend introduced …

Should they all be dykes on those bikes?

Community members debate the future of the Portland Pride Parade’s biker contingent
How the head of Portland’s Pride parade is going to look in the years ahead is far from settled. Photo by Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly
By Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly

For …