Star Trends: Let The Light Shine

By Robert McEwen

The Holiday season brings many different symbols in many cultures. All most all of them are based on the alignment of the stars during the period commonly call Solstice.

Christmas  (and its timing) is based on astrology.  The three wise men were astrologers and found the Star of Bethlehem (the North Star), guided them to the holy being of Light: The Christ Self. They carried symbolic gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold. These represent compassion, understanding, and Truth.  We have created these myths (stories) to help explain our concept of a higher power be it called God, Buddha, or Truth. All of these myths around the 29 different holidays during this December and January winter season come from an astrological event. There are the same myths of the birth and death and resurrection in the ancient myth of Horus, Krishna, and Mithras, all declaring the three days of darkness and then resurrection.  This can be tracked to the Winter Solstice, between Dec 20th and the 23rd, the 3 darkest days of the year, and the resurrection of the Sun God. 

This is astrological and astronomical in nature.  The tradition of bonfires, candles came because those days were so dark.  Now we have the tradition of Christmas lights, trees, and candles and a burning fireplace fire from that Northern European tradition.  

 Another tradition, the holy cross, is the division of the four equinoxes and in the annual calendar being divided into quarters. The cross symbol combines the 4 different times astrologically. This symbol of rebirth of the Sun is as the Sun of the Universe the Bible chooses to name  “the Son of God!”

Frazer’s Golden Bough declares the time of light returning (Solstice, Winter Equinox) when the Kings were born. They were conceived on the Spring Equinox.

The Sun is in Capricorn traditionally during Solstice, and so we see ourselves replaying the traditions that gives us meaning and purpose to those dark times. We as consciousness are able to cross out the old and become renewed with hope and joy. The advent, the coming of the light, plays out in all religions and cultures.

Mercury the planet of communication is now in Capricorn. You will see and feel that the traditions are a natural way of communicating with those around you.

Happy solstice and happy holiday no matter what your tradition.

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