Star Trends: A General Reading for Nov/Dec 2016

By Robert McEwen

Planetary cycles bring out certain dynamics that are archetypal patterns of the Collective psyche.   There is an undercurrent on a global level that tends to express certain psychological patterns through all peoples.  The Sign of Capricorn represents form and structure in its many expressions:  Physical form, governments, economics, and sexual definitions.  Astrologers have observed strong evidence that there are provable patterns of expression during the Pluto cycles through the signs of the zodiac.  Pluto is a heavyweight planet and believe me…it is a planet, a very powerful one.  During the Pluto transit through the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, people will behave certain ways. Ways of thinking about, economics, government, and sexuality will transform. Huge government structures are dismantled and reborn defined in new ways!

This election season may have felt like it was dooms day, but a renaissance is happening!  Pluto takes approximately 14 years to go through a sign, and about 248 years to complete its zodiac cycle.  We are currently in a Pluto in Capricorn phase and have about another 7 years of crashing and burning, like the Phoenix bird out of the ashes will come to an entirely new and fresh expression that seems unpredictable

The last cycle of this combination was in a close orb to 1776 it was the energy which helps bring about the United States of America where religion and economic structures of England were dismantled, and a new country was created. We are currently under the power of this kind of change again.  The appearances we are observing during this election process are shocking and often feel devastating.

Capricorn likes to define reality in polarities like good or bad, male or female.  Pluto destroys that paradigm allowing for a more inclusive and holistic perception.  There are infinite expressions of sexuality in unique patterns.  This universal identification makes it possible to be more accepting of diversity and free of gender labels.  This same freedom breaks down structures that governments, economics, and family have built their identity upon. This dismantling will keep unfolding for another 7 years. About 2024 a new shape of boundaries will occur with new definitions and labels.  Transformation is happening to all aspects of governments, laws, politics, and economics. These areas of society will transform the way we know them now.  Enjoy this freedom, and with this knowledge, a new security that is much more expansive and inclusive will emerge as a result.

Sexuality and gender expression will change. Androgyny in infinitely unique creative expressions is unfolding letting us be ourselves without judgment.  There are as many sexes as there are people seem to be the motto of Pluto going through Capricorn.  It is consciousness based identification rather than form….it is transformative for our culture. Enjoy your rebirth!

Robert McEwen is an astrologer and has been practicing as a professional since 1977 around the planet and has settled here in Portland.  Contact information for an appointment for your personal astrological consultation is: Phone 503-706-0396 and email is