Spiritual Teacher Emily Carson Holds Public Talk This Sunday

Emily Carson, the local spiritual teacher who serves as a channel for the enlightened entity she calls “the Guidance,” will hold a public sitting this Sunday evening, July 29.

You may recall Carson and the Guidance from her interview in the May/June issue of PQ, in which the Guidance gave, well, guidance for queers who want to get down to the root of their longing:

Deep inside you there is something full, and rich, and waiting — your queer identity is a part of that, but really only a part. If you can use your explorations of that identity to plunge into the furthest reaches of your own person, then you have used it well. But find your whole potential, and don’t stop until you feel you have absorbed every experience available to you, and until you know yourself so well that even your ideas about yourself become obsolete. Being queer is the beginning of who you are, not the end. Take it all the way into the heart of yourself. Take it all the way home.

In the tradition of a satsang or Buddhist sitting group, a public sitting with Emily Carson is part spiritual teaching and part question-and-answer, all suffused with a sense of meditative stillness. Sittings begin with a brief opening teaching which may take the form of a dharma talk, a guided meditation, or even a prayer; examples of these teachings from past public sittings can be found at the Sound of Rain website. Attendees are then invited (though not required) to ask their own questions of the Guidance; while the questions are often of a personal nature, the dialogues they spark often have a universal application and provide insights for all in attendance. Whether you’re on-board with Carson’s message or not, the public sitting is certain to be thought-provoking — to say nothing of an unusual and sublime way to finish out your weekend.

The sitting runs from 7 to 8:15 PM on Sunday, July 29 at Yoga Shala Southeast (3249 SE Division Street, Portland). Admission is sliding scale $10-30, with all proceeds to support Carson’s nonprofit organization The Sound of Rain. Do you plan to be in attendance?