Soothing Spring Hay Fever in Kids

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By Ejiria Walker, PQ Monthly

If anyone knows about hay fever, it’s this femme!  I have had allergies since I was a young girl. I have been through it all – allergy injections, elixirs, weekly allergist appointments, and the horrible yearly allergen testings. You know the one, where you get 25-40 tiny little needle pricks in the back of your arm to see which ones swell the most. Ugh!  What awful person invented that? Now that I am older, my allergies are much better than they were.

If you have allergies, there is a good chance your children will have allergies. How can you tell if your little one has major allergies? Pay attention when they are in a new environment. If you start to notice they have a rash or complain of itching after playing a field of grass, they may have an allergy. If they begin to sneeze and/or get itchy eyes around a new cat, they may be developing a cat dander allergy. Especially pay attention to the babies and toddlers as they aren’t able to express
themselves like school-aged children.

There are many at-home remedies to soothe allergy symptoms. For skin irritations, an oatmeal bath soothes and calms the skin. To moisturize irritated and dry skin, try a thicker lotion or creme.  Avoid products that contain petroleum and mineral oil as they can make skin very greasy and clog pores. My son has a few allergies and an oil infuser helped him quite a bit at night. I would use essential oils designed for the specific symptoms he was experiencing.

An item that is good for the entire household is an air purifier.  One can be in the child’s bedroom and one can be in the living/family room.

Vitamin C in high doses can decrease allergy symptoms significantlyEchinacea stimulates the immune system and may also protect against infection and stimulate tissue repair and healing. Goldenseal and stinging nettle have been used for anti-viral and anti-inflammatory response and help remove excess mucus. Nettle can be helpful for drying out the sinuses. Neti pots are very helpful in rinsing out the sinuses and flushing away the allergens (just make sure you use boiled or purified water).

If the symptoms become too severe, contact a medical professional for consultation. No matter what, carry tissues throughout the spring. They will come in handy.

Editor’s note: This information is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider before taking a new supplement — some can interaction with other medications and health conditions.