Soldiers Worldwide Support Prince Harry with Naked Salutes

Prince Harry may be in the royal doghouse after naked pictures of him partying in Las Vegas leaked online last week, but he’s garnered the support of many in the worldwide armed forces — and soldiers are taking to Facebook to show their support sans uniform.

The Facebook group “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!” formed late last week after the Prince started receiving heat in the media for his naked hijinks. In just a few short days, the group has already garnered over 16,000 members, with admin Jordan Wylie noting that over 10,000 requests to join are still left to approve. The group, composed of soldiers as well as civilians, invites supporters of Prince Harry to submit photos of themselves saluting naked. Initially aimed at folks in the UK, the group has taken off worldwide, with photos coming in from all over Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. “Who would of thought a few beers in a local pub would have created this!” Wylie notes of the Facebook endeavor’s worldwide popularity.

In addition to notes and images of support, the group has also become a repository for such dry knee-slappers as this little gem:

Prince Harry says to The Queen “I say Nanny, I can’t find my personal packet of ginger biscuits – have you seen them?”
The Queen says “No dear, I’ll ask your grandfather.”
“Philip — Have you seen Harry’s ginger nuts?”
Prince Philip replies “I think the whole world has seen them by now, Liz!”

*Cue sad trombone.*

Any servicepeople out there planning to show their support with their skin? Do you think this is a clever way of standing behind an embattled comrade — or a tacky excuse to drop one’s drawers? Have any more silly jokes about the royal family to help us get through the end of the workday? Tell us — we want to know!