Softball, community … and naked slip and slide

By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

If you are a lesbian and you love softball — playing or watching — then you are probably familiar with the Lesbian Community Project (LCP). For those of you out there who have not heard of LCP, it’s one of the largest women’s softball tournaments in the Northwest. LCP Director Nancy Zimmer said due to growing popularity, this year’s tournament went from 36 to 44 teams and fun was had by all. Held the first weekend in August each year in Brush Prairie, Wash., it’s more than just a softball event: it’s a Big ol’ Lezzy party. More on that a little later.

The idea for LCP started 27 years ago as a social, educational, and political organization for lesbians in Portland and the surrounding area. The official organization stopped in 2007 and now LCP is known for its softball tournament and fundraising activism. This year’s charity recipients of LCP were Bradley Angle, a domestic violence shelter, and Camp Victory — camps for kids with special needs.

But women from all over don’t come to LCP merely because it’s a huge, fantastic softball tournament and fundraiser. Let’s face it: lesbians love LCP because it’s a giant weekend of playing, partying, and community.

Mo Duncan celebrated her 20th year of attending LCP this year. When asked about the importance it’s had on her life she said, “I can still remember my first years, self-consciously trying to fit into the lesbian and sporting community. I was awkward and terrified but fell in love with the fun-loving, sexy spirit of LCP. Two decades later, it feels like coming home every summer.”

With the location set out in a remote area of Washington, it’s a weekend of camping, “slip and slide,” hot athletic babes, games, sunshine, raffle prizes, and fun. It’s a recipe for lesbian heaven with something for everyone.

Amy Gill flew in from Michigan specifically to attend LCP. “It’s a weekend for women to get together and play a game they love, meet new friends, and even raise a little hell — and give back by raising money for charity,” Gill said.

In addition to naked slip and slide and other titillating games, lube wrestling was added to this year’s agenda. (Wow!) Softball, sunshine, naked women sliding down a long wet sudsy tarp, and lube wrestling! Come on! Sign me up for next year’s tourney. SLATHER UP! Oops … I mean BATTER UP!