The Secret Life of Summer Seasons: Playing Nice

By Summer Seasons

Often growing up I always wanted everything for myself. I was a child with a brother, whom often had the only child syndrome. I couldn’t tell you why I was so obsessed with not allowing anyone else to play with my things, but if I could help it, they were kept away for myself. My brother has the scars to prove that I didn’t play well with others at the time.

As my life changed and I grew up and got older, I realized the importance of sharing with others. My parents had worked very hard to provide my brother and me with life better than theirs and even though at the time I couldn’t see it, we were very blessed.  It is because of the blessings that my parents provided me with that I became heavily involved in giving back to my community.

One of the hardest life lessons I’ve had to teach myself is how to ask for help. For me, I always felt being the oldest that I had to prove that I could do it and that I didn’t need anyone to help me with it. This is something that I still battle to this day, and I’m comfortable to say my greatest weakness.

Being involved with the Rose Court has taught me to work well with others in the best way possible. Having held titles with others, I’ve learned that you have to work together to provide yourself with a chance at being a success. It is not about the greater good of the one individual but the greater good of the team. As a team, if you can work together you can accomplish more than double what you could by yourself. I’m thankful to have reigned with co-titleholders who helped me mold my years into being a success.

As I embark on the next journey of being Rose Empress 58, I couldn’t be more scared of anything else I’ve done before. Not because having the title scares me, but because I’m afraid of screwing up. One of the best pieces of advice I got was shortly after winning, and that  was “I know you, you have to ask for help, if your year goes south because you didn’t ask for help, you have no one but yourself to blame.” Those words really stuck a cord with me because I knew they were true. I had to let down my walls and admit that I needed help.

This past weekend I spent in Vegas for the coronation, and I was so thankful to have my friend Daniel and JenuWine with me. They walked me around the room and introduced me to EVERY reigning monarch that was there and as I sat at the table I couldn’t help but be thankful that I’d asked them for help. Sometimes my boisterous personality is shy, and I have a stage fright of sorts of going and introducing myself to strangers. This weekend helped me get past that fear, and I was welcomed with open arms into the sisterhood of Empresses of this year.

As I embark on this next year, I’m ready to share the knowledge I’ve learned with everyone I meet and to take the knowledge that they are willing to teach me. I’m excited to do it all with a positive attitude because to me that’s the only kind of attitude to have. And I’m ready to share that experience with an Emperor who’s not only funny and talented, but kind hearted and welcomed to so many people in the community.

When you look back on your life, you have the opportunity to say you focused on the good, or you can say you focused on the bad. For me, I choose the good. You know why? Because nothing ever comes of those Facebook rants, nothing ever good comes from being mean to people, and nothing ever comes from saying hateful things behind someone’s back. You have the choice to make it a good life, and I can’t wait to lead by example. I’m not perfect, but for me, I know that being positive has taken me pretty far. Be kind to one another, and spread the love. Playing nice is so much better than playing alone.